Telegram bot ChatGPT-3.5

We have created a bot tied to the GPT-3.5 textual neural network with the smartest and most modern system at the moment.

Here is the bot itself: @ChatGPT_Kolersky_Bot

1. It works by OpenAi API - ChatGPT-3.5_turbo neural network, the most advanced at present;

2. Just ask him a question, ask him to write a poem, text, code or whatever.
It has no specific commands;

3. Understands questions as directly as possible. He must be educated like a child;

4. If the answer doesn't fit in the message, tell him "continue". The length of a message in a standard bot (/vip) is 1500 characters.
In Premium: answer up to 5000 characters, question up to 3000 characters;

5. Working with images and videos: The bot is text-based, so now it sends (often crooked) links to photos and videos, not a file.
It doesn't draw, the generation of the images is done by another neural network: the Dalle bot;

6. The bot is constantly learning and updating, getting smarter every day;

7. Write him an assignment, no more than 1500 characters long, if you write in Russian.
In English, he answers much faster, longer and understands questions better;

8. If the bot does not respond for more than 15 seconds, it is due to an overload of the OpenAI servers.
Wait a few minutes and message the bot again (you can press /stop and /start again.
Don't write messages after him.

9. Working with links and statistics: The neural network can invent some data for a nice text, as well as send text links. The neural network is textual and is not a database.

You can read about the capabilities of the different OpenAI neural networks in our article:
What can GPT Chat do? (RUS)

Operational information here:

Support response time: up to 24 hours. But it's usually much faster.
Don't worry, we solve all problems and requests =)

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